Singing really is good for you!

There have been enough studies in recent years that have set out to prove that singing is good for your health, both psychologically and physically, but what difference does it really make? The good news is that you don’t need to have reached professional standard to reap the benefits. Take Sancton Wood Singers as a working example: staff, parents, grandparents, au pairs, rush in, often late, preoccupied with matters of the day but even after a few warm up the smiles are returning and the frowns are relaxing. Those ‘feel good’ endorphins associated with physical exercise are being released, the deeper breathing helps to reduce stress and get more oxygen into the blood which improves circulation. The other really key element is that it is relational, there is a shared sense of purpose and experience. So next time you catch yourself belting out something in the shower or in the safe cocoon of your car, why not look into doing it with a group instead?

Sancton Wood Singers meets on Thursdays at 4pm and a warm welcome is extended to all staff/parents/carers


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