D.I.Y Aleatory scores

Having had a go at interpreting a real life aleatory score Year 9 constructed their own graphic scores using symbols, shapes and colour to indicate pitch, texture, dynamics and of course, to build in the element of chance and choice which is part and parcel of Aleatory music. There is a real overlap between this style of graphic score and the paintings of Swiss artist Paul Klee (d. 1940). His often geometric shapes and blocks of colour have inspired a whole range of 20thC composers/performers who have tried to interpret the paintings as music.

For Year 9 the process of interpreting and creating an aleatory score has also raised thorny issues such as:

How can you tell if the music is actually any good and what criteria would you use to judge it anyway?

How do you know whether the performer is playing it correctly and what is a ‘correct’ performance anyway?

Here are a couple of their graphic scores – works of art in themselves:IMG_1173



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