Steel Pan Workshop

Year 8 had a fantastic time at Homerton learning how to play the steel pans. They first enjoyed a demo from the college steel band, ‘Absolute Pandemium’ and you can watch a clip here:

They were then put through their paces by the band’s dynamic teacher, Jane. They had to learn everything by rote, manage syncopated rhythms and navigate the pans with what seems to us their random ordering of notes.

Those below are newly manufactured pans but the original ones were made out of old oil drums and cut off in different lengths to give tenor, guitar, cello and bass pans.







You can watch Year 8 in action below:

Here are a few shots of them, deep in concentration:

IMG_2087 IMG_2060 IMG_2062 IMG_2066 IMG_2067 IMG_2068 IMG_2069 IMG_2070 IMG_2073 IMG_2074


Performing Challenge

Year 7 were set a performing challenge at the start of this term. Their brief – to turn a 4 part rhythm lasting one bar into a performance with a clear structure, varied timbre and, ideally, a call and response melody. Quite a tall order but here is what one group achieved:

James and the Giant Peach

If you were fortunate enough to be in the audience for James & the Giant Peach you would have enjoyed the fruits of a great deal of hard work on the part of the year 7s, 8s and 9s who were involved. Even Mrs Holman’s husband was roped in to construct the larger than life peach which has graced the school hall for the last couple of weeks.

Here’s a selected gallery of photos to give you a taste of the characters, costumes and set design.

IMG_2029IMG_2026IMG_2032IMG_2009IMG_2028IMG_2033IMG_2034IMG_1993 (1)IMG_2035IMG_2023IMG_2022