Violin meets loop pedal and beat boxing

Seniors were treated to a special assembly this week with a visit from violinist and composer, Joel Grainger. He trained as a classical musician but decided to branch out from the conventional route and broaden his range of styles to include pop, jazz and folk. As well as speaking and performing at TEDx in London he has showcased his live looping set on BBC 1’s ‘The One Show’.

Here’s a photo of his looping set which he used in the assembly:



Joel busks regularly in Cambridge and other major cities – look out for him in on a Saturday. It  was truly inspiring, so here are a few highlights to give you a taste of what we experienced:


Aleatory score from scratch

‘Do-it-yourself’ aleatory score was the title of the composing task for Year 9 – they composed their own aleatory pieces and constructed an accompanying score. Some aleatory scores are quite stunning visually and could almost be taken for works of art so one pair of students decided to visualise their composition as a series of London architectural landmarks. They managed to fuse a serious and ongoing interest in architecture with composing and art, with pretty impressive results. The composition shows a convincing sense of structure and pace which is graphically realised in their score.

Here’s the score:






You can listen to their music here: