Ternary form and jammy dodgers

What is the connection between a musical structure called ternary form and a jammy dodger? Well, the latter is made up of a crunchy biscuit, a layer of sticky jam, followed by another crunchy biscuit and this three-part structure with a contrasting middle section is exactly what ternary form is all about – A B A. Whilst the jammy dodger is clearly an entity, a whole biscuit which needs each of the three parts to make it the way it is, it can be more of a challenge to achieve this musically, making sure that the three sections of a ternary form composition do actually hang together as a whole.
Year 8 rose to the challenge admirably and you can listen to a couple of their ternary form compositions below:


Dance Audition

Years 7 and 8 who had signed up were put through their paces at lunchtime today in the dance audition for The Witches. The audition was led by our two Year 10 dancers who choreographed it and taught the younger students their steps. We were impressed by our Year 10s, whose expertise we will definitely be needing to choreograph a dance scene in The Witches, and by how quickly the Year 7 and 8s learned the steps from scratch in a matter of minutes.

You can watch an extract from the audition below:

Year 9 have the Blues

Year 9’s focus in music for the first half of this term has been the Blues, its history, development, influence, ¬†and, of course, the music. They have listened to traditional Blues played and sung by Robert Johnson as well as more contemporary Blues performed by Jools Holland and have looked at the structure of the Blues. The Beatles ‘It’s Your Birthday’ even got a look in as an example of Blues influenced pop music.

Here are a couple of examples of the students own Blues inspired compositions. The first is performed live and the second was composed on GarageBand: