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Easter Service 2018

The whole school plus staff and parents filled out St Andrew the Great church in the city centre for Sancton Wood’s Easter service. The service included solos, readings, the staff/parent choir and a short talk from Rev Tom Hutchings. Two Year 5 students entertained us with poems they had written themselves and Minstrels played an arrangement of Eric Clapton’s ‘Wonderful tonight’. You can listen to some of the musical highlights below:


Drum Duet

The Prep School had a rousing start to their week recently when two drummers from Year 9 performed a duet for them. The students, who are both set to do GCSE Music, devised the whole thing themselves, drawing on rhythms they had learnt in drum lessons and material they had experimented with in their jamming sessions at school. They thought carefully about how to make best use of the entire kit, including two snare drums and they included a section which exploits the different timbre (sound) that can be achieved through rim shots. The texture of the piece is varied and the tempo also changes to help create a sense of build up and excitement. They even thought about the visual aspect of their performance by swapping places halfway through whilst still keeping the rhythms going! Unfortunately you won’t be able to see this but you can listen to an audio clip of their impressive piece here:

Cabaret Evening

The Cabaret Evening showcased talent in the performing arts from Year 8 through to Year 11, not forgetting our lovely poetry reading quartet of Year 5 and 6 students who extolled the benefits of music and drama in verse they had written themselves. For Year 10s and 11s it was an opportunity to air examination material – drama students performed their monologues and music students performed some of their solo and ensemble pieces. Year 8 and 9 students auditioned to provide supporting acts and it was really exciting to see the performing potential already developing amongst the younger years.
We can’t show the monologues as they are coursework submissions but, suffice it to say, there were some stunning and tear-jerking performances. Below you can find musical highlights from the evening as well as some rehearsal clips from the day.

Feeling Good, performed by our Year 11 band who have been playing together since the end of Year 8

Composed and performed by Oscar and James in Year 11

God Help the Outcast, sung by Jessica in Year 11

I see Fire, chosen and sung by Fraser in Year 8

Blackbird, played by Oscar (Yr11) and a budding new band in the form of Year 8 boys singing Locked Away

The Power of Love, chosen and sung by Phoebe and Sapphire (Year 9)

Asturias by Albeniz, performed by James in Year 11

Martha and Rose in Year 8 performing a piano duet

Chopin Waltz performed by Toby in Year 11

Senior Choir, A Thousand Years

Senior Showcase double bill

Our Senior Showcase this term was a double bill of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Roald Dahl’s The Witches, interspersed with music carefully chosen to fit the ‘magical’ theme. All students in Years 7-9 were involved whilst Year 10 students  provided much of the musical support. Two Year 10 students also devised the choreography for the dance and rehearsed it with the Year 7 dance team. You can listen to a few musical highlights below –  more to follow. In the meantime here are:

‘That’s Life’ sung by our very own Frank Sinatra in Year 7

‘I put a spell on you’, sung by a quartet of girls from Years 7 and 8

‘Another one bites the dust’, performed by our Year 10 Band

Come and Play

It was great to see so much enthusiasm for our Come and Play morning when juniors and lower seniors had the chance to get up close and personal to a range of musical instruments. We were immensely grateful to some of our instrumental teachers who kindly gave up their morning to put our students through their paces on flute, violin, trombone, trumpet and tenor horn. A lot of natural talent was unearthed by their expertise and coaching so we look forward very much to some of this bearing fruit. You can view some pictures from the morning below:

IMG_0771 IMG_0753 IMG_0770 IMG_0765 IMG_0763 IMG_0759 IMG_0748 IMG_0749 IMG_0745 IMG_0737 IMG_0733

Dance Audition

Years 7 and 8 who had signed up were put through their paces at lunchtime today in the dance audition for The Witches. The audition was led by our two Year 10 dancers who choreographed it and taught the younger students their steps. We were impressed by our Year 10s, whose expertise we will definitely be needing to choreograph a dance scene in The Witches, and by how quickly the Year 7 and 8s learned the steps from scratch in a matter of minutes.

You can watch an extract from the audition below:

Violin meets loop pedal and beat boxing

Seniors were treated to a special assembly this week with a visit from violinist and composer, Joel Grainger. He trained as a classical musician but decided to branch out from the conventional route and broaden his range of styles to include pop, jazz and folk. As well as speaking and performing at TEDx in London he has showcased his live looping set on BBC 1’s ‘The One Show’.

Here’s a photo of his looping set which he used in the assembly:



Joel busks regularly in Cambridge and other major cities – look out for him in on a Saturday. It  was truly inspiring, so here are a few highlights to give you a taste of what we experienced:

James and the Giant Peach

If you were fortunate enough to be in the audience for James & the Giant Peach you would have enjoyed the fruits of a great deal of hard work on the part of the year 7s, 8s and 9s who were involved. Even Mrs Holman’s husband was roped in to construct the larger than life peach which has graced the school hall for the last couple of weeks.

Here’s a selected gallery of photos to give you a taste of the characters, costumes and set design.

IMG_2029IMG_2026IMG_2032IMG_2009IMG_2028IMG_2033IMG_2034IMG_1993 (1)IMG_2035IMG_2023IMG_2022

Mary’s Knitting

Previewed briefly at the Variety Show last week, the Infant Nativity play, promised to be a real treat for parents and three performances later we can safely say it lived up to all expectations. They looked lovely in their costumes, they sang with enthusiasm, the stars and angels danced beautifully and Joseph’s recurring refrain of ‘oh dear, oh dear’ caused many a chuckle.  In short, they all did a brilliant job under the guiding hand of Mrs Byrom, ably supported by the rest of the Infant and Nursery staff. Here are a few highlights: