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Sound into music

Year 9’s skirmish with experimental music continues as they explore music concrete. This took off with the invention and development of recording techniques in the 1950s which opened a whole new world to composers, a world which we 21st century-ites take for granted. Music concrete takes raw sounds and then manipulates and combines them into a musical composition.

The students’ first task was to collect a bank of sound samples using the Sampler in GarageBand. They then had to work out how they wanted to manipulate and combine them to create a piece of music. A lot of imaginative work went into this and you can hear some of the results of their labours below:

This piece combines samples and pre-composed loops – spot the topical content of one of their samples!

This is an imaginative remake of a song by The White Stripes in which the students use samples of their voices to realise the parts:

This, at times quite terrifying, piece uses a mixture of vocal samples and sounds recorded from around the school:


Musique Concrete

As the French name suggests, musique concrete is all about using real, everyday sounds as the basis for creating music. It began in the mid 20thC with the development of electronic recording techniques, tape reels and synthesizers. Fast forward some six decades and Year 9 are using I-pads to┬árecord sound samples, manipulate them and turn them into their own musique concrete compositions. You can listen to two examples of their work – one uses a range of everyday sounds from around the school and the other focuses on sampled speech.