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Everyday I have the blues

Post-Christmas blues has prevailed in Year 9 music as they have been looking at The Blues from its origins in the US to it’s modern renditions by the likes of Eric Clapton and Jools Holland. Students all learnt to play the 12 bar blues chord pattern on keyboards before embarking on their own blues compositions. Here is a small taste of the varied and imaginative music they created. The first was composed on an iPad and the second is a live blues improvisation on electric guitar.


Post-Christmas Blues

Year 9 have had the blues since coming back to school after Christmas. They have looked at the origins and development of blues music and focused on the chord structure as well as identifying ‘blue’ notes and a walking bass line. After listening to some early blues by Robert Johnson and a blues standard, ‘Everyday I have the blues’, performed by B. B. King, they embarked on their own blues pieces. There are two examples of their work below – the first is a live performance combining a digital drum kit and a drum kit created through Logic Pro and played on a midi keyboard. The second was created on GarageBand and could be described as blues with a psychedelic twist!

Year 9 have the Blues

Year 9’s focus in music for the first half of this term has been the Blues, its history, development, influence, ¬†and, of course, the music. They have listened to traditional Blues played and sung by Robert Johnson as well as more contemporary Blues performed by Jools Holland and have looked at the structure of the Blues. The Beatles ‘It’s Your Birthday’ even got a look in as an example of Blues influenced pop music.

Here are a couple of examples of the students own Blues inspired compositions. The first is performed live and the second was composed on GarageBand: