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Rehearsing with Year 7

Divergent rehearsal strategies came into play with Year 7 as they worked on two rhythm pieces inspired by the names of cities and mountains in Africa. The girls rehearsed live, in situ, with one of them taking on the role of director. You can see them in action below:

The boys, on the other hand, decided to record themselves playing each rhythm into GarageBand as a separate track with the aim of putting all the tracks together to make the piece. Here they are in full swing:



Avant garde and Year 9

Year 9 are currently thinking outside the box and looking at avant garde music (literally ‘advance guard’ – music at the forefront of breaking with tradition, pushing the boundaries and turning expectations upside down). Inspired by watching ‘Music for 6 Drummers and 1 Apartment’ (which, incidentally, if you haven’t come across it, is definitely worth a look) and John Cage’s Living Room Music (written for 4 performers using any household objects such as magazines,  books and even the floor), the students had a go themselves:

They went on to check out John Cage’s most controversial work, 4’33 which blurs the divide between music and sound, between audience and peformers and even between sound and silence…lots of philosophical issues at stake there. Next stop, Aleatory Music.